Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the date is set. the time has come.

the monday before thanksgiving, we have the ultrasound.

THE ultrasound.

i will be totally eating donuts for breakfast to get that baby moving. or candy. or juice. or maybe all of the three, which will certain make me want to hurl, but that baby will be active and squirmy if it kills me.  if our Baby is anything like me, s/he will be shy.  if s/he's anything like musicboy, i'm guessing...not so much.

here's hoping that, for this brief moment in time, modesty heads out the window and the money shot is easy to get. 

(but don't expect pictures of our child's parts to be posted here.  i think that's SUPERCREEPY. i don't really need to see it all. you can, you know, just tell me it's a boy.  or a girl.  you know...in words.  i don't need a little arrow. i have an imagination. also, see earlier comment about modesty.)

i can't believe we're nearly halfway.  so weird and cool.

it's going to be a very thankful Thanksgiving.

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