Wednesday, November 10, 2010

things i think about while watching TLC: if sarah palin would prefer to be free in alaska rather than being in some "stuffy old political office" then i am just fundamentally confused.  or, as musicboy says, 'HYPOCRITE.'  he's sort of awesome like that.

reasons why we'll be saving at least $35 a month once football season is over: i think i was a happier, less stressed person when all we had was basic cable and streaming netflix.  while i will miss the closer, I HAVE NETFLIX.  i just need to use the netflix.  USE THE NETFLIX.  somehow it all seems very...clamorous...with regular cable.  also, it's expensive.

my crazyfaced pregnancy freakout of the day: i got on the scale and i had gained something like 5 pounds since i went to the doctor...last week. i am fairly certain that these pounds are not a result of baby growing and are more of a result of me eating not as well as i could (i.e. i think it's water weight and my body reacting to copious amounts of sugar that i've ingested since said doctor visit).  i think it will resolve itself and moderate back to normal levels with some attention to careful nutrition.  so there's that. 

nevertheless (and if you can explain the logic of this to me, you are brilliant and deserve your own tv show), i am thinking that my baby bump is shrinking.  i think this is because the pants i am wearing today are a) maternity and b) already sort of loose on me, but nevertheless, i am elevating prayers that our baby grows.  i am praying for my belly to grow, which i've done before. 

the great gratitude moment of today:  tomorrow is a day off.  i might have a chance to catch up on grading this week and weekend, if i stay at it.  i have felt quite impressed to spend more time with quiet, more time with scriptures, and in the short time that i've been dedicated to that, i have felt more peace and more determination to make good, wise decisions.  i am grateful for those impressions.  they are, i think, the thing that will keep me going over the next month as it gets only more nutty. 

craving update: the fixations are pretty much gone.  i don't really have any cravings right now.  is that weird?


  1. I am sending lots of good thoughts your way, but try not to panic too much about the belly. It could just be that the sprout is shifting around, or that, like E, he's behind the placenta. In my case that made it harder to hear/feel him because his kicks and such were "dampened" by the placenta. He also sort of grew into me, if that makes sense (so, sort of under my lungs and such instead of out...yeah, that probably doesn't make sense).

  2. yeah, i looked again this afternoon and it looks exactly the same. this is what happens when you're crazy and you go from wearing the jeans that don't fit at all and make you feel like you're busting out of them and the maternity pants that are a little big. i'm fine. musicboy says i'm fine too.

    also, i think Baby DOES shift back occasionally, perhaps when there is more room. because i haven't grown very fast, and because i have plenty of room in the hip area, i just feel like Baby lives mainly toward my spine rather than toward my bladder. and that's way too much information, but there you go.

    i'm not panicking, so no one should panic for me. mainly, i was just calling attention to the fact that i'm crazy. :) but good thoughts are ALWAYS good. :)

  3. LOL! When I was pregnant with my twins, I weighed in at the doctor's office EIGHT pounds heavier than my appointment ONE WEEK earlier. I was horrified! And then I made the nurse weigh me again...without my sandals on. It didn't make a difference! I know how upsetting it can be. Sorry, no profound advice. Simply, I've been there.