Monday, November 8, 2010


nine hours of sleep does wonders for my attitude about mondays, let me tell you. so does sleeping bundled up underneath huge comforters and waking up to the biting cold in our house.

and i'm genuinely not being sarcastic.  it helps.

we ventured south for a day and a half this weekend, literally the first time we've gone somewhere together for something not school-related since the semester began.  it was nice.  musicboy's birthday was last week, so it was a chance for him to see his family and be celebrated and i got to field a lot of questions about the baby. it was nice, though it was very tiring (i have yet to figure out why). 

on saturday morning, we took a walk around musicboy's parents' neighborhood, which was holding a subdivision-wide yard sale extravaganza.  of course, yard sales mean baby stuff, so we were all on the watch. the one thing that i was really wanting to get was a bouncy seat, the thing that you can put the baby in and when they move, it bounces a bit up and down. sometimes they have a soothing vibrating setting, which i personally think is creepy but there you go. 

i walked up to one yard and there were THREE bouncy seats.  THREE.

(why does one baby need three bouncy seats? two, perhaps one for each floor of your house, i can maybe understand. but THREE? excuse me, rampant consumerism, i'm looking at you and you are ridiculous.)

so we bought one. 

for $3.  and it's huge, so i think even if we have the very Tall Baby that we are anticipating, it will still hold Baby for a good long while.  and then we got scalped on a little onesie for $1. 

seeing the bouncy seat in my parents-in-law's living room suddenly began to make the whole thing feel very real.  then i put the onesie in it, just for proportion's sake, and i realized that WOW.  tiny baby.  big bouncy seat.  TINY BABY. 

we're getting one of those. 

watching musicboy carrying the what i thought was big bouncy seat, and seeing it dwarfed against him, also struck me. 

it's not news to anyone else, but we're having a baby. and i'm shocked at how slowly it's sinking in for me.  the surrealness is making way for the realness, and that's cool. 

and it's cold and it feels like winter's coming and that brings with it a whole host of exciting things, not the least of which is the end of this tough semester and the beginning of the four months of nesting. i'm already planning the list as long as my arm of projects that need to be done before the baby comes. 

because it's coming, despite my irrational worries and superstitious concerns about buying a small piece of baby equipment for a song.  the little flutters in my belly and the irrationally large appetite tell me so, if the growing (and increasingly prominent) bump doesn't.  the heartbeat that sounded stronger, and much like galloping horses, tells me so.  the happy doctor face tells me so. 

as the days wear down and we count down to the holidays, we're also counting down to figuring out who we're meeting in april.  two weeks from now, we'll know. 

it's all just very cool.  i am very grateful. 


  1. A lot of it won't feel real until you get home with the dude(tte). Heck, sometimes it still doesn't feel real!

  2. You'll do great. And the bouncy seat will help.