Wednesday, November 3, 2010

post tuesday daze.

ugh. too much musicboy birthday cake, which i made with an actual recipe and created my own buttercream for, which tasted less like butter and more like sugar, but it's a work in progress.  lots of pizza, which was magically delicious and i can only thank foresight and a knowledge of my own lack of self-discipline right now around pineapple and onion pizza for the fact that i got half meat, which i don't like, so that musicboy could eat it rather than me.

otherwise, i would have scarfed the rest of it today. i ate a smidge more pizza and more cake today, and now wish i hadn't. i knew i would regret it but i did it anyway. bad habits, in some ways, have reared their ugly heads. i did, however, take half the cake and freeze it.  i'm hoping that will at least deter me from eating it, especially if it destroys it.

that's way more than i needed to share or you needed to know.  but there you go.

on another note, i dislike elections. i feel obligated to vote, and i try to be informed, but for the most part, here's how it goes. i am an independent, which means that i (dis)agree with everyone.  in a perfect world, i'd be able to find a candidate that best espouses most of my views and vote happily for that candidate.

but we don't live in a perfect world, so i end up voting for the person who seems least likely to wholly screw things up, in my opinion. or i vote to send a message to those who are incumbents.  you may hate me for that, but it's not for lack of wanting to do good--it's because no one, in my estimation, matches my philosophies.  so i do the best i can.

i think that's okay. i am, in at my very core, trying to vote my conscience.  i feel like that's all anyone can really ask of you. if you do that, i'm happy with you.

here's what i don't like. 

i don't like getting on facebook and feeling like i've just entered a political rally that i didn't intend to be a part of.  i have no problem with the messages to exercise my right to vote. i have no problem with people who say they don't care (i disagree, but that's okay). i don't, however, like the pointed messages directing people how to vote--even if it's something like "don't just vote for a party because that makes you UNINFORMED!" or "x amendment is SO BAD. how can you possibly support that?"

here's why.

politics is already divisive by its very nature. it divides people along party lines, along philosophical lines, along vision-for-the-future lines.  most of us, i hope, can respect the other side's right to feel the way that they feel and to exercise their right to have their voice heard. in fact, hopefully most of us can even understand the argument behind their behaviors. 

(i know that i have great respect for the reasoned opinions and viewpoints of others, though i may deeply disagree with them. i don't see my views and my respect for theirs as mutually exclusive.)

i don't understand why we have to make an already tense division even more tense.  it just...bothers me.  i was thinking, last night, that today it would all go away.

but now it's the day of the angry angsting, with people cussing out the people who voted the way they didn't like and criticizing their intellectual capacity.

it's just so unnecessary.  i just want it to go away. in theory, i would like for us all to just go vote (or not), watch the returns, accept what has happened, perhaps make some goals for future elections, and move on without slinging mud and pitching a fit.

i want that world.  where can i go to find it?

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