Monday, March 22, 2010

this day is made of monday, which i have asked my facebook friends to please define the ingredients for, but i believe it begins by waking up tired, having had guilt-inducing dreams (about pursuing (innocently...get your mind out of the gutter) some guy that i haven't seen since the early 90s and didn't really even know anyway except that he was in my ward) all night that made me wake up far too often, getting on the scale after a week that can only be described as AWESOME and seeing no.change.whatsoever, and having a daunting to-do list staring me down.

it's monday.

but i read an article last night about gratitude, and i am thinking that throwing some gratitude at this day can only make it better.

i am grateful for the fact that i haven't gained any more weight and that the fitness activities that i am working on are helping me to become stronger. i am grateful that my lower body is getting definition and that i still fit into my clothes pretty well.

i am grateful that every time i woke up last night, musicboy was there.  it helped to ground me in the reality of my life, which is pretty awesome.

i am grateful that i can pray, because it helps me to deal with the frustration that inevitably comes from things i don't understand.

i am grateful that i can come home today, take a nap, get up, and face the world a little bit more clearly.

i am grateful that tomorrow is tuesday, and i can do something else, perhaps better than i did today.

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  1. I've been very frustrated because all but two pairs of my pants do not currently fit me, and so I accepted the fact that I would have to just use my easter gift card money to buy more pants instead of the new shoes that I really wanted. So I went to Kohl's, got two pairs of pants for 20 bucks hecks yes, and then wandered to the shoe section, just to look. Lo and behold, out of a box and stuck on top on a pair of high heels, was a pair of Adidas running shoes marked down from 90 bucks to SEVENTEEN DOLLARS...and they were in my size.

    I am grateful my needs are known.