Friday, March 12, 2010


i'm not really sure what a fishwife is. i mean, literally, i know that a fishwife would be a wife of a fish. (behold the intelligence, y'all.) but i seem to remember it being used in a derogatory manner.

[oh. i googled it. it's a woman who sells fish or a shrew.  good to know.]

i use it as my title because musicboy left this evening to head west to go fish with his parents for tomorrow. he'll be back tomorrow night, hopefully toting some fish to fill up my freezer (although we don't eat it that much...which we should do better about) and having had some very nice fun on a boat. 

i will not be having nice fun on a boat.  i am chained to my laptop by the online university for professionals for which i freelance and am grateful for it.  also, i have classes to plan for and papers still to grade and let's not even talk about the fact that i haven't written anything in my introduction yet.

but i digress, as i often do, into the to-do list.  it's how i answer most questions now.

[q: would you like fries with that? a: two classes worth of response papers and a speech round.]

being alone is a strange double-edged sword. i feel no guilt about going to the gym or eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or spending the entire day grading. i find myself being more task-oriented, which i would really like to be on this last full day of my break, before the madness starts in full force again. 

for better or worse, musicboy is much more interesting than almost anything else. also, because he is brilliant at everything he's currently doing, he very rarely has anything to do when he's home.  his homework is done, his practicing is done.  for the most part, he is a perfect example of leaving work at work and investing in his home life when he's home.

now please don't misunderstand: musicboy is nothing if not supportive of me when i have things to do. but when i know that he is off doing something else, especially something that he doesn't get to do too often because he works every single saturday, i feel less guilt for being solely focused on what i need to do for me.

but i will be very glad when he gets home tomorrow night. 

with fish.

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