Monday, March 1, 2010

i'm looking toward the future!

in something like three months or so, i will be for all intents and purposes done with the dissertation. i will also be facing a six week or so break, one of which will be spent in the nice north with mama going to see wicked and probably sleeping a lot and thinking nothing about dissertating.

or swimming in the idea that, other than revisions, i am DONE.

i was reading on another blog about this whole list of goals that a blogger had, one of which was reading a book a month.

and i suddenly thought.  hey. i want a list of things i want to do once i'm done with the dissertation.

so here's the beginning.

1. read books only for pleasure.  i want to begin with pride and prejudice and zombies.  i might think it's fabulous. i might think it's awful.  oh well.  it will be a lovely option.  if you have things you've read in the last, say, six years that you think i should read (oh! that guernsey potato peel society book! i want to read that! and the friday night knitting club!  these may not be the right titles, but i know what i'm talking about...), leave them here in a comment. i'm open to suggestions.

2.  start a scrapbook of our wedding.  i have so many memories of that day that are evoked by the pictures, but which are sure to fade if i'm not careful. at the very least, i'd like to tell the story of that day somewhere.

3. do couch to 5k. start to finish. 

what else should i do?

1 comment:

  1. sleep enough. I feel like that whenever I have things I am determined to get done at all costs, or just have some deadlines I can't avoid, sleep is the first thing I sacrifice.

    I think I have made you read all the books I love. Unless I never got around to making you read Writing Down the Bones. Another suggestion is Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus, by Orson Scott Card. But maybe I remember us talking about having read that...maybe I made that up. It's delightful and interesting and makes you want to give up your life to study anthropology. Or at least that's how it made me feel.

    Today it got up to 52 degrees and it was BEAUTIFUL and me and Asher walked for 20 minutes and I tried to prod him to jog with me and he looked at me like I was 1) crazy and 2) torturing him, and then I was basically just dragging a 10 lb dog and people were staring, so that only lasted a few minutes.

    Also a couple of girls in my ward are doing a 50k this fall...I don't get it.