Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the letters, they're back.

dear random big haired woman who sauntered into body combat 45 minutes after it started,

you just walked in on track SEVEN.  as in WE HAVE DONE SEVEN SONGS WORTH OF AWESOME before you walk in.  you may have noticed that we were all sweaty beyond what is acceptable in normal society, breathing harder than ought to be legal, and yet still moving with conviction. 

and yet you walked in.  at first, i thought maybe you left something.  or maybe you were there obscenely early for the next class--and instead of waiting outside like everyone else decided to come in.  okay.  fine.

but do you know that's annoying? distracting? can possibly lead to INJURY?

do you also know that you look sort of...well...to put it bluntly...idiotic trying to join into choreography that you CLEARLY DON'T KNOW?  don't think i didn't notice that you couldn't hack it with the plyo pushes and jab/uppercut/hook combinations. 

i did.

here's a thought: body combat is awesome.  come.  BUT COME ON TIME.

good heavens.


i've been here for five weeks.


dear jell-o,

you are insanely good marketers. i don't know if you actually have a deal with the keebler ready-made graham cracker crust people and the cool whip folks, but your cookies n creme pudding singlehandedly made me purchase that as well as hot fudge to make ice cream shop pie.

it is TASTY.  it is awesome.  it isn't too terribly many calories (or at least, it's worth it). 

you are very good at what you do.

many thanks,
dessert-making girl.


dear grading,

thanks for the break. it was too brief, but i appreciate it.  i'll be back at it full force tomorrow, whether or not my brain and will wants it.

yours truly,

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  1. dear cbl,

    i like your new blog. i also like the new life it represents.

    [reluctant teacher]girl