Monday, May 2, 2011

small miracles.

going to church. feeling the Spirit, and feeling cute in the skirt that basically fit. 

pumping almost as much milk before noon than I had pumped in previous days.

a husband who is out of school and could take the 4am feeding because, frankly, i just couldn't face it.

a baby who was cooperative and sleepy so said superhusband could sleep in on his first real day off.

grading that just...goes faster than it likely should.

dreft stain remover that gets EVERY stain out. seriously.

friends who bring pants over that, while two sizes larger than what you used to wear, fit and look nice and are on loan until the body combat can kick my trash once more. i am SO excited.

getting really hungry while pumping and really thirsty overnight, which tells me something good is happening with the milk production. 

a husband who still thinks i'm hot, even in my post-baby body.  i don't get it, but i'm REALLY grateful for it.

this girl and everything about her, even her screaming refusal to go to sleep for her naps in the afternoon:

we are blessed.

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  1. I am so glad that you are pumping so much more! Awesome!!!!! I get the pumping hunger and thirst gives me a headacher towards the end of the day, but when I look at how much milk I made it is worth it! The other day I even snuck in an extra pump at night so I could hit my all time high record :)