Friday, May 27, 2011

friday confessions.

once upon a sometime, i saw a list of really interesting friday confessions on one of my pal's blogs.  and i filed it away in my brain as something to do when i didn't have anything else to write.  but really, today, i just have one.

maybe two.

#1. i just posted a question on one of those baby sites to ask if what baby girl has is a cold or the end of a growth spurt. i have no freaking idea. she woke up with some mucus (clear, in case you wanted the details) clogging one of her nostrils. i cleared it out with one of those miraculous blue bulb thingys and she literally smiled at me.  (next time i tried? not so much with the smiles.) i took her temperature (note to self: she's much more amenable to this at 4am when she's sleepy; nevertheless, she was supergood) and it was 99.2, which in adult world = low grade temperature.  she's super sleepy.  so i called the doctor, and the nurse called back and said maybe it's a cold and told me some stuff to do because, really, there's nothing you can do but batten down the hatches and elevate the baby's head and hope for the best.

so, i was all ready for that.  but, see, when she's awake she's very much herself--she's not superfussy, she's not annoying, she's not howling, she doesn't even really seem that uncomfortable (except when she's hiccuping, which is a whole other post in which i talk about how i have FREAKED OUT about spit up and hiccups and possible reflux issues for like four days and i'm just EXHAUSTED but i know my baby and i know when stuff ain't right, but i just don't know if it's the developmental type of not right (i.e. newborn gastro systems suck, the end, they'll grow out of it, buy more spit rags or do more laundry) or the "we need some medical intervention here" kind of not right. i'm leaning toward the first, but i was leaning toward the second in the midst of the perfect storm of regurgitation that was my life for several days).

so now i'm wondering if this is the growth spurt, and her particular brand of it involves mucus.

she has that, but it's not too terrible. i guess a few days will tell us--we should know more tomorrow, probably.  but she just ate 7 ounces in 4 hours.  that's pretty impressive right there.  and she's kept it down (i just knocked on our wooden coffee table).  and she WANTED it.

so i have no idea.

so i posted a question on one of those boards, is the point of this whole rambling thing. 

in a related confession...

2. i have spent a LOT of time on dr. google over the past few days.  it's ridiculous. if i'd have used the time to grade, i'd be done by now. instead, i have to push it and get it done tonight in fits and starts, inbetween baby tending and my husband doing his school work.

i wish i'd have graded. 

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  1. I don't know anything about spit up, but as for colds, I felt much better after we got the first one over with, since it is (generally) worse in your imagination than it is in reality.

    If you read my blog re: E's recent breathing trouble, DON'T PANIC. It's not the norm, and it's not going to happen to M, I can almost promise.

    Dr. Google will drive you crazy, but if you're anything like me, you'll look anyway :) I found twitter to be WAY more reassuring, because mostly it's filled with sensible moms who've been through exactly the same thing and will support you. OH, and a cool mist humidifier works wonders on both severity and duration of baby colds.