Tuesday, May 17, 2011

irony with a side of potential TMI.

don't think it's lost on me.

now that i've decided to stop pumping, it's like the girls decide that it's flowapalooza up in here.  of course, i'm only pumping every 8 or so hours, and only then to make it stop feeling like ouch, but seriously. if we could have gotten that sort of action going earlier, things might have been different.

it ain't lost on me. 

that said, making a decision and then dealing with it are two different things.  as we're stepping down production, and consumption on baby girl's end, i have felt sad.  i was a bit surprised.  but it was a good 24 hours of sad.  and then, earlier tonight, i started to come out of it.

it is what it is, to use a phrase my mom hates, and it's good because it's the right decision.  i know that much, so i know enough.

moving on now, or at least trying. 

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