Friday, May 20, 2011

responsibility reigneth.

i want an iphone.

(read: want)

then i go to the grocery store and spend lots of money to feed our family.  i fill up the car, and it costs more than it used to, and reading the signs driving down the road that proclaim how much gas is pains me as well.  i use lots of water, doing laundry and washing bottles and running the dishwasher (but not showering, because i'm certainly conserving there!), and the air conditioner has to run more during the steamy nights because baby girl can't sleep without being swaddled.

(my new project is to make swaddling "blankets" out of old sheets to combat this problem, or else we'll be giving our entire summer paycheck to the electric company.)

suddenly, it just doesn't seem that important anymore, that iphone. 

i'll take what i have. 

1 comment:

  1. We had a must-be-swaddled summer baby too. Check these out. They are pricey, not as pricey as an iphone though!;), but we used a gift card and after having them I would totally spend the money on these. They are life savers, because in addition to needing to be swaddled in the summer time, she was(still is) beastly strong and broke out of everything but these. Love them!