Friday, March 11, 2011

week 35.67: they're right, you know.

i just cleaned my laundry room. as in, i lysoled the shelves and the dryer.  they needed it, but really?

they're right about the nesting thing. HARDCORE nesting going on over here in Baby Girl land. case(s) in point:
  • i'm washing everything (in tide free and clear, even though i know that you're supposed to use dreft but tide was cheaper and i couldn't understand what the difference was, really, even though i think the difference is the sweet baby smell...) that might possibly touch the baby.
  • i'm almost desperate to get caught up on grading. i'm plowing through papers left and right, but i sort of wish i had started this process on monday rather than on wednesday. i'd be so much farther ahead.
  • i'm assessing my pre-baby list, wondering what i can do next.
  • i'm menu planning and grocery store list planning to capitalize on meat sales so that i can make and freeze some stuff so that what i promised my mom would be true--there would be a menu when she comes and food to just defrost and eat. i keep hoping this will be true, but i'm just not as sure as i once was.  
  • i'm dying--LITERALLY RESTRAINING MYSELF--from going to target/walmart/etc to buy the rest of the stuff that we need for Baby Girl's room so that i can actually finish the thing, including having all of her clothes sorted and all of the stuff done so that i can take pictures and call it a day.
yeah.  i know.  i don't know if i would call it a burst of energy (although it does feel almost physical right now, the need to get all of this stuff done), but it's perhaps close.

i know.

i know. 

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  1. Yay for nesting! I don't know how you're getting everything done, but I am truly impressed. And I do like that baby smell, but I am totally with you on the price thing.