Thursday, March 31, 2011

i blame kohl's.*

last night, i was like "what if it's NOT A GIRL?!?" to musicboy. 

at first he tried to dismiss me, but i was serious. "WHAT IF IT'S A BOY?!?"

he reminded me that the ultrasound tech had only been wrong once in 20 years. comforting as that is, i still wanted a plan b scenario.

so we busted out our list of boy names, talked about a few that we liked, and decided that the family friend who just found out that she's having a girl would get A LOT of boxes of stuff if somehow our little princess actually...isn't.

but then i remembered that she chose her name, and boys don't usually choose girl names, so i'm feeling a bit better.

but it's always good to have a plan.

(also, WHY WON'T SHE JUST COME?!? this waiting is just the worst. i'm in the bargaining phase still, mixed with some "she's just going to mock me with the whole coming at 41 weeks thing, even though we're both sure she'll be earlier than that," so i keep thinking that maybe she just wants me to catch up on my grading.  so i'm working on it. it's at least something to keep my busy.)

*have you seen that commercial? with the daniel/danielle return policy deal? it's a GREAT commercial, but it will, in fact, strike fear in the hearts of anyone who is pregnant and has a gender-specific nursery.


  1. darn kohl's. a general conference baby sounds good. maybe hearing the prophet's voice will lure her out :)

  2. If it IS a boy, you'll be okay. And as someone who went 10 days past due date and survived, know the pregnancy WILL finally end. Good luck!

  3. I thought of you immediately when I saw that commercial. Not in an "Oh,'re not having a girl" kind of way, but in a "I bet she's going to get nervous about gender" kind of way. No matter what, everything will be fine! One thing I might suggest (even though you COULD consider it a little selfish, I suppose) is to keep the little girl stuff, if you find yourselves in that situation, for a future daughter. I still have a feeling it will be a little lady greeting you soon!