Tuesday, March 15, 2011

let's talk about something else.

have you seen the new hot pockets commercials? the ones with the tiny little vomit balls that talk? that's all i can think of--they are little balls of vomit covered in some disgusting breading. and i can see the vomit through their little vomit mouths.  i can't stand it. i literally can't watch it.  how could this ad in any way encourage ANYONE to eat anything remotely like those disgusting balls of sick?

let's contrast that with the mcdonald's frozen strawberry lemonade commercials with the lemon. the sassy talking lemon. i like him.

i also like that mcdonald's has been sending me many coupons that are free. as in, i can go twice to mcdonald's and get free stuff with no purchase necessary.  i like that, golden arches. i was tempted today to make use of this, and this strategy is wily because i felt guilty about only using my coupon and not buying anything, so i was trying to figure out what else i could buy that would be good. when i realized that the only thing i could really think about buying was either a cheeseburger or fries, i chose something else.  but, good job, mcdonald's. you're going to wear me down.

i am obviously watching far too much tv. 

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