Sunday, September 19, 2010

the weirdest pregnancy observation ever. and some other random stuff.

my stomach feels like old cheese. inside.  (this is not a cellulite complaint. that ship has sailed.) that's the only way that i can explain how i feel routinely, but no one but me understands it.

also, it's sunday night and i have no idea how i'll get through the next week. but i got through the last one and the one before that, so there's that.

i have gone off the rails in terms of what i'm supposed to be eating. there were cupcakes and frosting and cheese pizza and chili's chicken fajitas and i ate too much of all of it and did you know that copious amounts of sugar equal BAD TIMES?  but did that stop me? heck no.

(i.e. i can't really eat pancakes with syrup--too much sugar--and i can eat chips ahoy, but not too much and usually only with milk.  in some ways this makes me very happy. too bad i don't listen to the voice in my head that says DANGER!)

i have to get back on the rails.  i didn't eat any cupcakes today, even though there were many left.  i did eat too many chips ahoy, but baby steps. so i may have gained all the weight that i was supposed to have gained over the past eleven weeks in the past four or five days. 

so there's that.

i haven't been paid yet for, like, anything that i've done for the past four weeks in terms of teaching.  oh the bureaucracy of the university systems.  i  hate you.  i need money.  mama needs some fruit and salad and, you know, to pay the light bill.

thank heavens (quite literally) for tithing and for savings. 

also, nectarines are delicious.  i would like a case of them to not go bad and be delivered to my home so that i can eat their deliciousness every day.

pretty sure that's all i got. 

old cheese, man. does anybody get what i mean?  so bizarre.

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