Monday, September 27, 2010

living for the weekend.

i've never been a person who really lived for the weekend, who craved it and needed it and, what's more, who hated sunday nights because they meant the end of the weekend and a return to work.

i have become that person.

there's much to do.  so much that i don't seem to be able to do during the week that i am able to catch up on during the weekend.  musicboy, on game days, has to be to rehearsal at 7:30, which means that i am up and going by then as well.  this saturday, i was awake at 6:30. Baby rarely lets me sleep much past 8:00 anymore, which is okay because i either just switch locations (our craigslist couch has saved me over the past few months) or i get up and get going before crashing again later.

i usually end up doing a whole heap of laundry, straightening up the house, baking or making some sort of homemade food, and preparing for college football. inevitably i also end up doing work for my classes.  sometimes i get more done than others, but it seems like there's never enough time. 

then on sunday, there's church and choir and by the time we're home and settled, it's almost over. 

the weeks are long. the weekdays are longer.  i want to keep my commitments, to be where i say i will be when i say i will be there, but sometimes the effort of even meeting those obligations seem to take all that i have.  some days, i'm quite pleased that i do that.  but i want to do more, i want to go back to the gym, i want to work ahead.  but the strategic use of time can be quite draining.  i'm just...sort of at a loss about how to fit it all in. 

this all sounds very forlorn and sad. i don't mean it that way and i don't particularly feel that way.  i just mean that i am still figuring it out. i wish that i could figure it all out a bit more quickly, because i feel like just about the time that i do, it will be time to figure something else out entirely.

isn't that always the way it is?

i don't like mondays.  i don't know that anyone does, but i don't like this new incarnation of monday dislike.  but all i can do is all i can do, and right now that includes grading speech sheets and planning for my 12:50 class. 

i hope you all are keeping it all together much more efficiently than i am.  :)

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