Wednesday, October 7, 2009

this is your wednesday update.

i saw two yellow butterflies playing in the air as i drove home from small rural cc today. i love when i see them, and i see them frequently. they seem like the insect embodiment of happiness.

i have decided that the lyrics "like ice cream melting, they embraced" are probably the worst country song lyrics i've ever heard. sorry, tim mcgraw.  that one should have gone back to the drawing board.

i chopped off my hair and dyed it dark brown, darker than i've ever dyed it and i've dyed it some colors.  it seems like a universal rule of mine that, after i take really adorable pictures that will cement an important moment in my life, i dye my hair a significantly different color.  for engagement pictures, it was blonder. now that wedding pictures are back and chronicle my cute blondeness, i am now a serious brunette.

my birthday is on friday and i have thought about it not much at all. this is deeply unusual for me, the birthday queen.  i think it's because i'm happier and more content than i ever have been.  that said, it's kind of cool to have two families to shower me with birthday greetings and fun things. i just got two unexpected gifts today from musicboy's family.  whee! 

i have grading to do and bones to watch, at the same time.  i am multitasker, hear me roar. 

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