Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fall back.

we got a new couch yesterday.

by new, of course, i mean it was owned by someone else and sold for a song and we went and hauled it home but it's new to us.

i was excited to get it, but i don't think i realized how much awesome it would be.  it fits nicely where our twin bed couch used to be, the one we never used but thought would be a good idea since the futon that we dearly loved left this earth in a pile of assorted pieces when we moved. 

it was so nice to sit next to my husband, unhindered by armchairs or floor space, and do work or watch tv.  most of it was doing work, but it was punctuated by silliness that can only occur when you are sitting smashed together on a faux leather love seat. 

musicboy says it will be good for our relationship. i thought he was kidding at first, but now i'm beginning to see his point.


this week has worn on me already and it's only tuesday.

i canceled my classes as rural cc yesterday, with the idea that i would use the time to catch up on grading and planning that has piled up during the Week.Of.Performances, but which didn't ultimately help that much. and honestly? it was mainly because i couldn't face it. i couldn't face going there and having students not have read the assignments and just sit there staring at me. i just couldn't face it.

so i didn't.

way to be brave, teachergirl.

so i'm still behind, despite trying valiantly all day to work on things.  things just took a lot longer than i thought they would, and so i am still behind.  and today is tuesday, the toughest day of my week, and i am just praying mightily that i can do it.

i don't know what's up with me. i just feel like, whereas normally i have a barrier or a buffer of patience and the ability to cope with life's little twists and turns, that buffer has now been whittled down so far that every little thing, from dishes to a 5 hour block of classes, hits raw nerve. i know it's me. i don't like it. but i'm just not really sure how to recover.

i think i spent it all from sunday to sunday and didn't have a sunday or a saturday to find it again. 

is there somewhere you can purchase said capabilities?


halloween is coming.  soon.

i have one costume ready, for a little church activity that i am volunteering at on wednesday night. it's pretty simple but i hope it will be cute.

saturday's costume, though, for a party that we've been invited to? infinitely more difficult and i have no idea what to do.  i'm really just not sure. if things work out as i hope, i might end up just recycling a costume that i wore a couple of years ago.  but i don't know. i'm at a loss.


the moral of the story is this. amid life's difficulties comes carved pumpkins and glittery cat ears.  and sometimes you just have to slog through the days in order to get to the short but shining moments that make everything else worth it.

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  1. Is it just me, or are students getting worse and worse every year? Or, rather, the bad ones are much worse than they were five years ago, while the good ones are quite a bit better. Right?

    Hang in there through the blank stares, and keep your eyes on the glitter ears. :)