Friday, October 23, 2009

music groupie zombie girl.

i'm going to be really glad when this week is over.

it's giving me a brief glimpse into what life will be like when musicboy is performing/directing/touring/whateverhewillbedoing after school is over.  in addition to performing every day for 5 days with his percussion group in the school's musical revue, he was also guilt-tripped/cajoled/blackmailed/convinced (never asked, though...) to play in said musical revue's pit orchestra.  so...he's been gone most every night until about 10.  he's normally gone three nights a week until 8:30 or 9, but this week it's just been over-the-top.

luckily (and by luck i really mean it's a blessing from on high and i know it), things haven't been too stressful for me. but i think i realized today how much stress i was holding on behalf of musicboy. i was trying to take care of everything at home, at school, and also attend all of his performances. so far, it's been okay. but today, the prospect of having to go to the laundromat just sort of sent me over the edge. i guess i don't really like having our routine disrupted. 

or maybe i don't like having my plans disrupted.  i had a plan for today and, while it hasn't happened as well as i had hoped, good things have still happened.  and that's a good thing.  but i was still one grumpy camper going to the laundromat. 

haha.  good thing life is predictable, huh?

i love how life is teaching me so much all of the time. i am not at all saying that sarcastically.  i really mean it.  i'm glad to have these lessons because they are preparing me for the future. i'm sure there will be many weeks (months, maybe? hello football and marching band season) like this.  practice is good. 

maybe someday i'll get good at it? actually, i hope i never get good at missing my husband. i'm glad that i like spending time with him as much as i do.  that's the way it should be, i think. 

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  1. Speaking from the SO experienced vantage point of almost two years of marriage (ha!), the missing part doesn't get easier. It gets easier to cope, though. I used to FREAK OUT when my husband had to travel abroad; I'd get upset about it at least a month in advance. Now I still miss him just as much, but I've learned not to obsess about it...usually. :)