Monday, October 5, 2009

because when we get sick, we do it differently.

flu?  cold?

no way.

when musicboy and teachergirl get sick, they don't get a fever. their temperature goes DOWN...subnormal really down.  they sleep a lot, but then feel good enough to be normal for a few hours before i feel like crap.

when teachergirl gets sick, she doesn't get sick enough to be like WOW. I'M SICK. no, it has to be this big things where she has to decide if she's actually sick or if she's being a BIGGIANTWIMP who just doesn't want to do her grading.

sick.  definitely.  some sort of weird virus thing.  it's stupid and lame and caused me to get only 3 hours sleep last night.

so it's naptime for me.

good grief.  the swine better stay away from me. i don't have time for this nonsense.

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