Friday, October 30, 2009

hi, how's it going?

i just wanted to pop in here and share with you what must be one of murphy's underreported laws.

when you need to buy a little black dress for a costume that was dictated by the murder mystery party that we will be attending tomorrow night, it is impossible to find anything except too short or too sweater-y (which, if you have hips or wear a size in the double digits of any kind, you should NOT PUT ON YOUR BODY EVER).

thank heavens for the potential of raiding a friend's closet.

but if that doesn't work, i might just wear jeans and a shirt and some heels and try to look hot and call myself a modern, low-key witch because this junk is FRUSTRATING.

the end.  i have to clean up this house. it's a pithole of death. the fact that i deeply believe it is my duty to make sure that food and house is taken care of despite considering myself a deeply independent, forward thinking woman is a blog post for another day.

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