Friday, October 9, 2009

the beatles wrote a song about this day. i think i only know two lines...but they're important lines.

at 8:05 in the morning, 32 (gasp!) years ago, my poor mother ended three days of labor, laboring through a nurse's strike, and an extra almost month of pregnancy by delivering a nearly 11 pound baby.

and that's how i roll, y'all.

today's my birthday.  normally i am all HEY LOOK AT ME I'M THE BIRTHDAY PRINCESS! but this year, not so much. i'm not sure what's different, except that i am perhaps more happy and content with my life on this birthday than i ever have been.

i don't know that i could ask for anything more than i have. i am healthy. i am married to the love of my life and my very best friend--forever. i have jobs enough to keep us supported and they are jobs that let me use the skills that the Lord has blessed me with.  i am surrounded by so many people who love me that i am honestly always astounded by the outpouring of it.  my life is full and rich and i am incredibly happy with it.

my darling musicboy asked me what my birthday wish was last night.  since i have nearly everything i could hope or wish for (except for maybe wii fit), i thought that i would think that i wanted to finally finish the phd or something similarly goal-oriented.  maybe actually stop eating copious amounts of cookies and work out more.  lose the weight i've gained since the wedding.  find a way to balance all that needs to be done better. learn to make a cheesecake. you know, something wish-y.

not even close.  i didn't even have time to think, really. when he asked me, the answer sprang to mind immediately. it was the very first thing that flashed into my mind, in such a spontaneous way that testified to its deep truthfulness, and it surprised me.   genuinely. 

it's my birthday.   i'm certain this year is going to be a good one.


  1. It's your birthdayyyyyyyyyy!

    Also, I have been internetzless and haven't had the chance to actually read this blog yet.

    I will.

    Did you watch the Office wedding? If not it's on nbc's website. I just did, and I feel like my day will be wonderful now. I love happy things.

    Happy birthday doll. You and boy have fun. :)

  2. so you're not gonna tell us what sprang to your mind immediately? oh the suspense!