Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the world of maggie.

i'm boring. she's not. let's chat about magpie.

  • she started solids a couple of weeks ago, but had some strange things happening so we stopped. we started again today. i'm ASTONISHED at how much she has changed in just two weeks. she was actively opening her mouth, getting the oatmeal back in there and swallowing like a champ. hopefully we won't have any gastrointestinal issues and we can proceed like puree champs.
  • i can't believe we have one month before her half-birthday. good grief time flies.
  • she's close to sitting up.  she doesn't get a lot of practice (when she's on the floor, she's rolling--ACROSS THE ROOM), but she pretty much does it on her own on our laps. 
  • i can see the tooth. I CAN SEE THE TOOTH. bottom left tooth. it's working its way up--and it's affecting her sleep. she flops around the bed like a dying trout, and i have to go save her complaining, half-asleep grunting self from the contortions she's managed to get herself into.  they sometimes scare me. i saw 12, 1, 2, and 3 this morning. yay.
  • she is so goodnatured.  she giggles now when you tickle her belly. that's new.
  • she loves the $15 exersaucer we got her. a little less now that she just wants to chew everything, but she still really likes it.
  • her favorite toy is the crinkly book that grandma got her.
  • she is such a spaz right now. like, literally, her arms and legs are always moving.  when we're trying to feed her, good grief. we have to pin her arms down sometimes just so she doesn't smack herself in the face.
  • she knows what the bottle is.  i'm trying to teach her to associate it with the word "milk." i may be crazy, but i think she's starting to get it.
  • i showed her a couple of times how to splash with her legs in the bathtub. now she does it.
  • she fell asleep on her own in her bouncy seat yesterday. first time she's just sort of passed out on her own. i'm really excited by this--i think it may be soon that she'll be able to do it on her own for naps and night. we'll see.
  • she does this grunting thing when she's hungry or tired. she doesn't cry, she fusses/grunts.  it's crazymaking. it gets worse when she's not feeling well. she does it all day long.  GAH.
  • she's a joy.
  • we went to choir on sunday. she sang while we were singing. it was adorable. today, she was watching me sing and was moving her mouth like i was and then started to sing a little bit.
  • she's so smart.
  • she's wearing 6 month onesies and 9 month sleepers. she's a tall girl!
we adore her.  


  1. AHHHH she is going to be a giant when I see her next. What the crazyface.

  2. Way to grow, Maggie! (Sorry, couldn't help it :)