Friday, September 2, 2011


we found this amazing noah's ark board book while on vacation in one of those fake antique general stores in the mountains of NC (fake because, really, they just sell crap to tourists that seems folksy).


i loved it because it has tons of illustrations of animals on each page. i love this book.

so does mags.

but when we get to this certain page, she always smiles hugely at one particular part of the book. we've tested it--it happens almost every time.  we think it's the sheep.

i'm wondering if maybe she loves lambs? i'm thinking maybe she'd love my little lamb. it's dirty, but maybe i'll toss it into the washer and see if she loves it.  if she smiles at it the way she smiles at the picture, it would be well worth it.

i just didn't want to forget that.

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