Friday, August 19, 2011


  • for a husband who knows just what to say, even when there's nothing to say. today? "i don't know why Satan is so invested in me," i said. he said "because Heavenly Father is." and that was exactly what i needed to hear.
  • for a baby who watched me cry with this look in her eyes that just spoke to pure love and a tender curiosity about what was wrong. i don't know that she's ever seen me cry before, not really. her sweet heart was so evident.  then she fell asleep, and when i kissed her cheek she smiled. i did it again to see if it was a fluke.  it wasn't.  that was exactly what i needed to see.
  • for the knowledge that when life is wearing you down, it's also rubbing off the rough spots in your character.  
  • for the power of prayer.
  • for the reality of a Savior who can succor me because He knows what I have been through, what i will go through, what i need, and how i feel. no one else does, no matter what.  they may sympathize, but He can truly empathize.
  • for this, which i read shortly after praying for help and guidance: "Pray a little more, study a little more, shut out the noise and shut down the clamor, enjoy nature, call down personal revelation, search your soul, and search the heavens for the testimony that led our pioneer parents. Then, when you need to reach down inside a little deeper and a little farther to face life and do your work, you will be sure there is something down there to call upon."--Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. the full text can be found here. i pretty much cried through reading the section called "call to conviction." read it. it's awesome. 
  • for my life. for truth. for knowing that, at our core, people are inherently good. come what may, when we do our best and put our feet on good ground and sow good seeds and reap what we sow, good things will come.  we are children of Heavenly parents.  we have a divine nature, and that divine nature can lead us to be truly great--if we don't allow anyone to tell us differently.  our infinite potential is not something to be denied or diminished.  anyone or anything that tells us otherwise is a lie.
it's a grateful day.  i have tons to do and not much time to do it in, but all is well.  i am blessed. 


  1. Casey is in fact the best guy in the entire world, but I'll concede that you've got yourself a close second there. I love your little family.

    And I loved this. It reminded me of all the things I have to be grateful for, including you as a friend.

    The end. <3

  2. We need the grateful days to remind us of the beautiful days we so often take for granted. I love you and know that things will get easier.