Monday, July 25, 2011

things i'm noticing.

...i despair for the world sometimes when i look at what most young women wear. there are exceptions, and it warms my heart, but musicboy and i powerwalked the mall this weekend (two reasons: my fat(ter) butt and the hot(ter) heat, and i just shook my head (literally and figuratively) at what i saw, both on and off the rack.

...i planned my course this summer having everything due at the end of the week (in this case, sunday night, which actually grates against my personal sensibilities, so i may change that next time).  i love it. i normally have things due staggered throughout the week, but i love the fact that i know that on monday morning i have things waiting to be graded and that i have until the FOLLOWING monday before more things come in. it's totally doable.  granted, it's tech writing so it is already easier, but it just seems so much more psychologically doable than when i have assignment after assignment piling on me day after day.  i'm going to try it this semester with my composition classes and see how it goes.

...i can just feel myself chilling out as a mom.  a wise mom friend of mine told me that she started chilling out as the baby got older and she realized that she hadn't broken him yet.  he was still alive, still thriving, so it must be okay. i find that to be true as well. i also find the two week rule to be true--if it's heinous and awful, wait two weeks. it will probably pass and/or you'll get desensitized to it and/or you'll find a solution.  even with the crazytown eating, it's true.  she's still a little sporadic, but i am seeing a bit of a change in her (i.e. she just at a 6 ounce bottle like it was no big deal and when i stopped at 5 she let me have it. of course, she didn't know she was still hungry because she was tired, but that's whole other story that's kind of hilarious, actually).  i think she's nearly ready for solids.

...teething sucks. you know this is true when your baby is tired but crying and when you start massaging her gum, she falls asleep with your finger in her mouth.  that's just sad.  poor girl. i used to sleep through the night when baby girl did.  now that she's been sporadically waking up (i never know what night it will be...), i wake up at all the times she might possibly wake up. 2:30? yep. 4:00? yep. 5:00? yep. 6:00? yep. 6:30? yep. and i wonder why i'm tired in the morning.  (i mean, i don't really...)

...i'm so annoyed at how gender specific things like swaddle blankets and sleep sacks are. i sort of get the clothes thing, though it also annoys me, but swaddle blankets? sleep sacks? i know why it is. it's so that you have to buy new ones (or feel like you have to buy new ones) for every baby. forget that. i'm already steeling myself to put any potential boy baby in a butterfly swaddle blanket.  i'm not sure his daddy will like it, but come on.  or else i'm buying everything off of ebay. i think it will probably be the second, but the feminist in me wants to do the first.

...i think i have kicked the television habit.  since baby girl has been so alert and interested, it's very hard for us to watch TV without her watching it too. i'm trying to keep her away from the TV as much as possible--i don't think i'll make it until 2, but i'd at least like her to actually a) know what she's watching and b) only watch things i think are worthwhile.  so we just don't have it on during the day.  it gets really quiet sometimes, but i am finding that's okay. i get really bored sometimes, so when i do, i sometimes turn it on with the caption on and no sound and the baby turned away. i'll play with her or help her play with her toys and keep one eye (sometimes...most of the time it's just background) on the TV.  but most of the time, i just don't watch it until dinner time or later.  for a  gal who used to have it on all day long, that's pretty darn good. of course, i'm on the internet all day long, steps.

...i really hate folding laundry. i have an entire laundry basket's worth that has yet to be folded, and it just sits there and mocks me while i stare back at it. somebody's going to win, and i don't think it's going to be me.

...this post is getting boring.  sorry.

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  1. Sometimes I am amazed at how alike we are in certain areas (fears, personal philosophies, etc.) The internet is a strange place. :)

    I've given thought to dyeing future clothing if/when we come to that time (there are organic dyes safe for kids). In some ways it's easier to have a boy first, since girls can wear pretty much whatever they want, but there's still a mental block against boys in pink and ruffles (and I think that goes for all of us, even those of us who aren't against it in theory).