Thursday, July 7, 2011

in progress.

i haven't talked much about my post-baby body here, other than to moan piteously about it earlier on in the journey. i've come, a bit, to terms with it because i've done, a bit, to try to get it back into shape.

a wonderful friend of mine loaned me some clothes until i can fit my post-baby hips back into my pants, which have always been the bane of my shopping existence.  i happen to have a very curvy shape, even at my lowest weight, which makes finding pants that fit nearly impossible.  so add in the inevitable butt spread of a sedentary pregnancy (NEVER AGAIN! of course not, since the next few times i'll be chasing after and the anatomical spread of the pelvis to do what it does best in childbirthing, and you've got two sizes right there.


today, one of the pairs of shorts she loaned me, which were snug when i borrowed them, were nearly falling off of me by the end of the day.

i'm 14 days into the 30 day shred challenge, and i'm already a better plank position holder than i think i've ever been before.  i feel GOOD when i finish, even though it's at the end of my day, and tonight i was so tired and didn't want to do it but did it anyways because i told myself i would.  and i nearly cried and laughed with joy at the end, because i worked hard and didn't cop out. 

that's progress, folks. i'll take it.

(and i'll write it down here so that it's out of my head and into print. my goal? to be 30 pounds lighter than i am now by december. that'll put me a bit below where i was before i got pregnant. my goal after that is to be at my goal weight by maggie's 1st birthday, which would be about 30 more in 4 months after that. i'm not sure that one is actually realistic, but we'll see.)

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