Monday, July 18, 2011

moms, come together. (or, if you don't have anything nice to say, stay off my status.)

lots of things going on here in casa de music y teacher y baby (TEETH! TRYING TO CRAWL! WHY IS MY BABY GROWING UP SO FAASSSSTTT?***), but i just had to jump on here and vent because i can't do it on facebook and ohmygosh do i want to.

uhm, if you saw a variation of this in your google reader and are all, hey man, where's the juicy story, here's the abridged, repentant version.

i posted about maggie's new naptime routine. i'm trying to get her used to a routine of sleeping in her bed for three of her naps a day (she takes 4-6 short 45 minute naps). somewhere in my delusional brain, i think that sleeping in her crib will make her sleep longer. in my rational brain, i realize that if she gets used to a routine now, when her naps solidify in a few months, it will be easy to keep it up.


someone who has posted before on my parenting-related statuses and whose feedback has not always been...received well...posted about how well her kid napped.  it annoyed me. i vented here. it was not the nicest thing i've ever done. i wasn't totally hateful. just...annoyed and talking about it.

i felt sort of bad about it at the time, but even more so when i read the comment that i posted about. so here's me repenting and getting rid of the ridiculousness.

i am prone to being annoyed right now.  lots of irrational stuff is annoying the ever-loving snot out of me, so there you go. 


***she's getting at least one bottom tooth. we have given her tylenol a couple of times but for the msot part, she's a tough beastie. also, when we do tummy time, she just spends the whole time now trying to get her legs under her so that she can scoot. she's 14 weeks old. i fear for our house. how do you go about babyproofing a house?!? help!

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