Wednesday, July 6, 2011


...that i get to choose to give 100%. that i realize that it can be a joyful choice.

...that even though we're not ready to go to the library for story time and probably should be, baby girl is contentedly sleeping on my chest. that even though i'm wondering if the sneezes and coughs earlier and now the extra sleeping this morning mean that she's fighting something off, i'm not afraid.

...that i have a partner who believes in me 100% and always has wise words to say when i melt down.  that he forgives me readily and easily for my selfishness.

...that i melt down more frequently, because it means i'm growing. rough edges are being sanded off, and i like that. even though sometimes it's painful.

...for prayer.  that i can pray in my heart whenever. that they are answered.

...that i read my scriptures this morning instead of just going right back to sleep when the baby did.

...that the baby is growing and is so forgiving. she got a pretty good head bonk yesterday and turned her ankle or something horrifyingly frightening while standing on my lap last night (screams of pain = heart stoppage for mom and dad, yet they dwindled and were gone and she was smiling again in a few minutes but i was ready to call the doc and crying at the same time) AND stabbed herself in her own face while flailing about and yet woke up this morning like sunshine personified.  i know there will be more head bonks and small laceration and big scares, but she's so tough.  i am so grateful for that. 

...i got my first week's grading done in an hour. 

...that we have sufficient for our needs. that i don't need the extra job. 

...that musicboy's summer classes aren't as hard as we thought they might be, so he won't have to be as stressed as he normally is. though he may not realize it, i think he might have had his worst semester last semester.  as i recall, junior year is suckage. major, major suckage.  now he's a senior and, with the exception of student teaching, i think he's got this nailed.

...that even though i'm tired and stretched thin and sometimes worn through, i still can't wait to have another baby.  that said, i'm trying extra hard to enjoy all of these moments with maggie girl.

...that friends are finally being valued for the incredibleness that they embody.

...that headbands were invented for days like this.

...that i have this life.  i work hard in it, but there's no way i work hard enough to deserve it.


  1. your life is good. my life is good. God is so great. love you!

  2. You are amazing! I love reading your blog--it helps remind me to be grateful and thankful for all of the craziness.