Friday, July 2, 2010

adjusting to summer.

walking across campus twice a day every day is good for my metabolism, but not so good for my appearance.  it's usually about 80% humidity with a heat index in excess of the stated temperature, so one must take precautions and preparations. 

every girl must have the following tools in her summertime arsenal:
  • a go-to updo that works with almost any outfit.  i have a couple of them perfected, and they look decent and cute without forcing me to deal with hair on my neck. i can't stand hair on my neck in the heat.
  • a slammin' hair spray that will weather any weather.  i found mine before the wedding, and it's worked wonders. i only hope that i can find it again once that increasingly-lighter-with-every-day can finally runs out.
  • a small towel.  maybe you're one of those people who can face the stifling heat with just a gentle glisten above your upper lip. if you are, bully for you, but i sweat.  so, before i hit the classroom to try to convince them that i am more than a sopping mess of heat stroke, i duck into the nearest bathroom and try to mop up.  
  • the ability to sense when it actually is cooler, and great gratitude for a breeze.  sometimes hope is all that gets you through.  
  • an umbrella. it rains whenever it wants around these parts, and unless you want to get thoroughly soaked before or after work, you need to make sure you are prepared.
  • flip flops. no matter what shoes you actually might end up wearing with your chosen outfit, you must always have flip flops for the journey.  summer shoes are not always comfortable, but flip flops are. so when my outfit necessitates a different shoe choice, i wear my flip flops to walk in and then slip my other shoes on.  
so far, it's been going well.   i think i might actually be adjusting to the weather now, something i thought would assuredly not happen on the first few days. spending all day every day in the air conditioning for six weeks or so tends to make that adjustment a bit more difficult.  but i'm doing it, and classes are going pretty well, and i can't complain much, except about how i can't sleep much or well, but that's a post for another time. 

have a wonderful holiday weekend, all.  i can hardly believe we're into july. i'll be spending mine grading (no new news there) and packing. 

(two weeks until we move! yay!)

i hope yours is full of fun and rest or whatever you want it to be filled with.

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  1. Which hairspray is this? My hair is very well behaved in the Rocky Mountain west, but Miami's menacing humidity looms.