Friday, July 9, 2010

friday superlative round-up.

stupidest thing i've seen: a guy on a bike, crossing against the traffic (he was in the crosswalk, but the light had not yet turned red so he was risking getting hit), paused in the center to wait for traffic but was still sort of moving forward as he looked down at his phone to text/call someone.  as in he was moving on a bike, not looking, and creeping ever-so-quickly toward imminent bodily injury.

the whole time i was watching, i was a) thinking he was an idiot and b) planning how i would explain what happened to the police.

i'm sure this is what people think of people who text while they drive. i see their point, i suppose.

most unexpected kindness: we went to the stadium yesterday to work out. i haven't been to the stadium in a while, and last time the stairs killed my knee. so, instead of doing stairs, we worked on running. i can do okay on a treadmill, but running outside is really difficult for me. we ran inclines at first (ran up and down the ramps, walked the rest) and tried to run the spiral ramps up to the tippy-top of the stadium. 

(my glutes screamed at me for that one, and i stopped twice. i wish i hadn't stopped the second time. i wish i had told them to shut up. i will next time.)

after we did that, we started running halfway around the stadium.  we set a goal, and my wonderful husband coached me along.  running is easier for him, and he is motivated now because he wants to play intermural rugby in the spring. 

i felt like a complete loser because it was really hard for me.  like REALLY hard.  i kept going, but it was hard for me.  as i was running the second time, i saw this girl running the opposite direction and she smiled quite widely at both of us.  as we were circling, walking after i had done the third half lap, she passed us again and when she did, she looked directly at me and said "high five!" and slapped my hand.

i was surprised. i didn't know her. i think she just saw that i was doing something that was tough for me and admired me for it. it was encouraging and embarrassing and a whole host of other things that i can't really put my finger on.  but most of all, it was kind.

best deal i've found: bermuda shorts for $7.50.  in my size.  that fit great (and are even a little bit big, though i am not holding my breath until i wash and dry them).   sometimes retail therapy really does work.

thing most likely to bring me to my knees: the frustration of stalled weight loss.

thing most likely to bring me the most lessons: how i have chosen to deal with said frustration, and the people who genuinely care enough to try to understand and, then, help. i feel like the first part is the most important, really.

mind-boggler: how does one bookshelf of books fill SIX OR SEVEN BOXES of heavy death? how are there still books? how did i become a person with only one bookshelf of books? do i really care about any of these books anymore, really? how did this happen?

i really dislike box hunting, but have been relatively successful thus far. i think i will just keep looking, every day, for boxes.  worst case scenario? we have too many, and i just go put them back in the cardboard-only dumpsters from whence they came.

and, as a caveat, how on EARTH did it become only one week until we get the keys to the new place? and how ON EARTH will we ever be ready?  

i wish i had a personal assistant to do the following:  faxing my stupid signature page so that i can get my stupid transcript released from my stupid MA alma mater. why are they the only ones who care this much about my stupid privacy? i got a 4.0. i don't care who knows it. JUST SEND IT ALREADY WHEN I PAY YOU YOUR MONEY, PEOPLE.

the irony is not lost on me: in one week, we receive delivery of our washer and dryer. guess what i have to do tomorrow because we're almost out of underwear? you guessed it.  hello, laundromat. i will not cry when i bid you a fond adieu. or maybe not such a fond adieu so much as a "suck it. i hate you." adieu.

it's really nothing personal.

worst timing ever: thanks, property management company, for letting me know THREE WEEKS before our lease is up that we are responsible for professionally steamcleaning our carpets before we check out. thanks for letting us know that during the peak of move-out season. thanks for adding one more REALLY ANNOYING thing to our to-do list.  thanks. 

i better get every dime of my deposit back if i have to clean the carpets, because WHAT DO YOU DO AT ALL?!?

biggest regret: taking this online class. i'm burnt out, i don't want to do it, and now i just hate it. two more weeks. two more weeks. 

reason that i am reminded that i live a pretty great life: my husband is a wonderful partner. he just knows when to fill in, and when to back off, and when to support, and when to encourage, and when to push me to talk when i need to talk. he just wants to know what's going on in my head, and i love that. i love that i can look at him and know when he's worried so that i can do the same for him.  i love that he loves the angry beavers and made me watch it and now we use "spoot" all of the time in every day conversation. i love our daydreamy conversations about decorating our new house. i love our anxiety-laced planning for a very busy fall. i just love how we fit, and how being best friends just makes everything from dirty dishes to job complications easier and more manageable. 

come what may, i love it.

have a great weekend all. think of me, up to my eyeballs in papers and boxes, as you have some well-deserved fun. at least it will be airconditioned. :)

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  1. I'll pack for you in the air conditioned coolness if you come watch my child in the sweltering heat of the Pacific Northwest with no air conditioning.

    Deal? :)