Monday, July 5, 2010

we now rejoin your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress...

oh HAI.

how are you? enjoy your long weekend? eat a hot dog or FIFTY NINE like that whack job who won the nathan's contest? bake a pie? sing a song? wave a flag?

yeah, me too, except for no hot dogs or pies, but there was a fake cake incident that may, in fact, have resembled my mom's tragic sugar-free birthday cake Incident of 1984 (ish?) that lives in family infamy.

(lesson: don't use both applesauce and banana as substitutes for butter and eggs unless you just want sort of bland muffin things that don't taste much like anything except a hint of banana.  second lesson: if i added heaps more banana, it would make a pretty slammin' banana muffin.  third lesson: the calorie count was still too high. the end.)

my husband still ate them and thought they were good. that's why i married him.  he's sweet.

but things have been happening, and exciting things at that, and so i have a few type of update-y things that may or may not be interesting to you. i will separate them with these here little -- things so that if your eyes glaze over with boredom, you can skim down and quickly discern when that nightmare of a long story is going to end.


like that? see?  easy as pie.  or cake. or fake cake. whatever.


we are the proud owners of a REAL WASHER AND DRYER. it is not yet in my possession, but it is OURS.  we paid for it and we paid EIGHTY DOLLARS LESS for it than we were expecting. and it wasn't even on sale. it was just one of those unexpected yet AMAZING blessings that keep pouring upon us with regularity.

sometimes i think provident living is amazing. know why? because when you live within your means, and are happy to do so, you get to sometimes live outside your means because your means expand with blessings.

it's kind of awesome.

so, for the money that we budgeted for the washer and dryer alone, we got a washer/dryer and a beautiful rug for our new house.  like the big expensive kind, not the industrial scratchy kind. like the kind that they have hanging on display and you just sort of lovingly pet and wish you could take home with you.

that kind.

take that, budget!


i am a craigslist addict right now.  i found a desk, desk chair, and adorable coffee table for $50--and the woman is going to keep them for me until we move on the 16th. i found a couch that was going to be $50 and then they reduced the price because, honest people that they are, they found that the zipper was broken.  so they're keeping it for us and they reduced the price too.  $40 ugly super comfortable couch? YES PLEASE. i will cover you with something beautiful and look at you every day and think "i got you for a song..."and i will be happy.

i'm still on the hunt for a dining room table, but i may have a few leads, so there's that.  oh, and i got some shelves too.  they were probably the most expensive, but they're cute and LALALA i got a couch for $40. so there.


class is going well. so far, most people seem to know what they're doing in both my public speaking classes and my online classes.  we'll see how much that keeps up, but so far so good.

i'm also reminded that the longer i teach something, the better off i am.  i am getting better and better at teaching public speaking. it's less foreign and more organic to me, and that's always good.


body combat update.  i went to class on saturday, and that same girl came back. this time she was in front of me, and rather than feeling all maternal and "i understand where you're coming from" about her, a whole psychological redux of my teenage years of yuck, and i was just annoyed.

she stopped a lot.  (and this from someone who also stops)  she didn't even seem to try to do the punches correctly.  and it was in front of me for an hour. it was annoying.

this, however, was tempered by today, when i took advantage of my day off to go to a daytime body combat class taught by a different instructor.

(i love my instructor. she's by far the best.)

because i obviously knew what i was doing, and because i was up in the front, a whole host of people who were behind me were obviously watching me and doing what i did. 

i can't tell you how much i liked that.  when i see people struggling in class, i really don't just systematically judge them. i'd like to help them.  but logic says that if you're not getting the cues that you need from the instructor, you look around to find the participants who look like they know what they're doing and parrot them.

(that's what i do in a new class. that's what i did my first few times in body combat.)

i'd like to be someone who could be an example for someone.  it makes me feel like i'm helping someone to be successful.  and, if you take the time to come to a class like this, don't you want to be successful? 

i think so.  i just wish girly who keeps coming back would watch me. i could help. 


i think that is all. except that whole thing about no hot dogs? i think that ends today.  it is shaping up to be a hot dog, fireworks (it was raining on saturday here for us), packing boxes kind of day.


you may now continue with your personal business.  thank you for your attention.

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