Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yep. still moving.

three accent walls are finished.

the kitchen is basically unpacked and we've cooked at least twice here (three times if you count a dinner of pita bread and cereal as "cooking").

our mattress is on the floor of our living room, where we spent our first night in our new house. i slept quite well, and was happy to sleep downstairs away from paint fumes until they resolved themselves.  it, plus the new-old desk and desk chair and assorted desk items that i have tossed into boxes and hauled over here, will be moving upstairs today.

my least favorite part of the move thus far was friday, when we were trying to get to three different places at the same time, basically, to pick up furniture and hit EVERY SINGLE RED LIGHT within a 20 mile radius.  it was so frustrating, and i'll admit to letting the stress get to me a little bit. 

my favorite part was yesterday. we were getting ready to paint our bedroom wall and our song came on.  so we danced in our new bedroom, with dropcloths and stepstools all around us.  it's moments like that that remind me why i love my life so much.

the "everyone comes and loads and unloads the truck with all of our big furniture" move happens on friday evening, since musicboy works on saturday mornings.  i think we'll get some help.  here's hoping.  no matter what happens, i'll be pleased to have it done.  long moves are nice because you can do it at your pace, but good grief they do drag on.

oh, and the old place speedily fixed our faucet and our hot water, so at least i can clean.

is it friday yet?


  1. "Piiiiiiiictuuuuuuures," I cry, like a zombie for brains! :)

  2. I am in agreement. I want to see some pictures too!