Tuesday, December 21, 2010

where my head (and feet) are at.

you can read about my particular brand of personal inventory here. basically: i'm gaining too much weight too fast with Baby Girl. it's time to dial it back and relearn all the stuff i already know, like how when i eat too much sugar, even if i'm not eating that many calories, i pack it on.  if you know my long journey with weight loss, you'll know that this news is not supergreat, but you should also know that i am not crazy with this. i am determined to do all that i CAN do and then leave the rest in genetic/divine hands.  nothing else to do, you know? but there's more that i can do.

like, i am beginning to reconsider the contents of Christmas dinner, if only so that i can eat better and so that i won't feel guilty.  i had some good ideas for some good, healthy sides--i think i'll just amp up some other healthy stuff and hope for the best. :)

i believe i am finally going to finish shopping today, if my darling husband gets home soon and we can go finish that last bits of it.  i am hoping. i am rather tired of having a list hanging over my head, and i am rather excited to begin wrapping all of my various things so that i can put them under our pretty tree.

i would have liked to walk my two miles on the treadmill today, but errands and life got in the way. that keeps happening, and it's REALLY starting to bug me. tomorrow, no matter what, i'm doing it. the day after that too.  maybe even on Christmas Eve (what else will i do?). 

Baby Girl is kicking her approval (when i was shopping, she was doing somersaults, so there's that...), so that's a plan.

this post is boring.  read the other one. i think it's good and if you're someone who's done this deal before, you can tell me what's up.

also, the orange i just ate was delicious. buying the bag of the small ones? best idea ever.

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