Wednesday, December 1, 2010

baby chronicles: week 21.5

the staring has begun.

it's the staring where people are trying to figure out if you're just really conspicuously fat in one particular place or if you're actually pregnant. 

i get it on campus now.  fun times. 

(i'm being sarcastic.)

i now really understand why people start wearing shirts that say "baby!" i didn't get it before, but it's a bit easier than constructing a sign that says "i'm not fat, i'm pregnant, so leave me alone or bring me a cookie" every day.


simply grapefruit.

i bought it yesterday. i told you already that it was a thing, grapefruit, but the juice. i've wanted the juice for a while, but that simply juice stuff is expensive. but yesterday i caved and figured--it's ONLY juice. there's no possible reason that couldn't be good for me.  also, it's not calorie dense, which made me happy.

oh sweet holy craving goodness. i love it. 


not sleeping very well.  between the bruised tailbone, the cold, and the crazy manic dreaming, i just don't feel like i'm in that restful state of deadness where your body totally recovers from the day. i feel like i'm running, even in my sleep, and that's beginning to annoy me.


i watched her kick yesterday.  first time for that, and it was very very cool.  she's becoming much more active on some days, which is cool.  i feel her more regularly, instead of just at random times, but she has her quiet times too. 

i think she's a sweet girl. i think she has her daddy's temperament, which is a blessing for our family.  we'll see, though.


i'm tired. i worked hard today, and now it's finally naptime. 

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  1. I had the same revelation about those baby t-shirts: you think they are completely ridiculous until you see that there is some point to them. It gets worse/better once you are obviously pregnant, because then students (not people on the street so much) will really stare. I think it's because we bring them back to when they were in high school and the occasional girl got pregnant and it was a scandal. :)