Friday, December 3, 2010

thank heavens it's THIS friday.

five of my eight classes end today.

that doesn't mean that i don't have responsibilities for them anymore (papers come in for four of them today; papers for the fifth come in on monday), because i do, but i don't have to plan or prep or anything for them any more.

just one more set of papers for each of them, some calculator checks, and then grade submission.

i am so glad.

in other news, i want some cake.

musicboy is nearly done as well. he has a few remaining assignments, including a 12 page paper that he's beginning to get excited about because it's about...wait for it...MUSIC, and a few more days of sporadic class (one of his ensembles is done, the other is almost done, he basically doesn't even have to go to class on monday if he doesn't want to [though he will, because he's scrupulous about his attendance, which is just one of the reasons why i love him so], and he's working his list of things to do like a champ.

happily, because collegetown u's football team didn't do QUITE as well as they have in past years, this championship weekend is free of marching band obligations.  which means we can sit around in our pajamas if we want while we work on our many, many pages of things to do.

i can't wait.

also, christmas tree! this weekend!

cake might actually be in order to celebrate this occasion, you know? we made it, or nearly have.  i'm so proud of us, because not only did we make it, but we made it and we're closer than ever.  what a blessing.

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  1. Hooray for you guys! I think cake is definitely in order. :)