Thursday, April 5, 2012

calling all wives' tales.

my dreams are off the charts insane with this baby. for example, last night (or in the early morning hours) i dreamed that i was jacqueline kennedy and i was making out with john f. kennedy, who was but was not my husband.  and not only that, but i was analyzing their relationship, in this weird detached way, suggesting that the reason that she put up with his nonsense is because their love was like a shooting star.

so cliched, but what do you want? i was DREAMING.

i have nights where it is just back to back dreaming. dreaming on a weirdly odd scale for me. normally, when i dream, it has some sort of connection to my life.  it makes sense to me, and a lot of the time, i recognize that it's a dream a bit of the way in and then continue like it's some awesome made-for-me movie.

these? not so much. i have no idea where they're coming from, but they are OUT OF LEFT FIELD.

anybody have any ideas about what gender this indicates? the chinese gender chart says it's a boy. everyone else thinks it's a boy. i'm about ready to think it's a boy, except that i'm worried that if we find out (on tuesday) that it's a girl, i'll be disappointed (really? could i be? i think not, but i don't want to put that on a kid).  so i'm trying to be all "la lah la" and i ask musicboy 500 times if he still thinks its a boy. he says he thinks so but he's not sure (like he was with maggie).

sigh.  technology will rule the day. i feel like it's been FOREVER that we've been waiting for this appointment. it will be here before we know it.  scary. crazy. then we'll know who this kid is. 

then we can get serious about naming it. 


maggie's birthday is tomorrow. TOMORROW. she'll have been on this earth for one year.

i hope she's liked it so far.  we have.

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