Sunday, April 8, 2012

i find the following things awkward.

...chatting with students online. it feels uncomfortably familiar for me to approach a student on Gchat at 10:35pm, but it also feels unmerciful to not say "hey, you're not failing, you're just looking at the wrong thing" when i know it's true and the kid is sitting right there. it feels wrong...on all levels. especially when said student was all "hey, i'm going to skype you because it's weird that i've never seen you face to face and you're my teacher" and also took a picture of himself in a wifebeater as his skype profile picture...*shudder*

...finding out, through a ward member's blog, that there was apparently some big party at a ward member's house that a bunch of families were invited to...and we were not.  i think it was probably for older kids, but i still was all "wow. WOW. wow. we have no friends."

...having your mother-in-law refer to the baby that "we're" having.  uhm, does anybody else share this body, besides me and ye young baby bean? i think not.  brent gets props because a) he contributed 1/2 of the DNA, so yeah, he can claim him/her and b) he has to DEAL WITH ME every day. that ain't no easy feat sometimes, especially since i occasionally tell him i just want to hit him. not because he's done anything bad (never does...he's a prince) but because sometimes i just get irrationally aggressive when pregnant. i never DO hit him (unless he gives me permission) and i never do damage (haven't been to body combat in a LOOOOONNNNNG time...i am a pansy girl) but really? "we're" having a baby?  i think not.

...when you get a lot of hand-me-downs from people and then you realize you don't like any of them. or the vast majority of them are not in good condition. i feel awkward because, really, i am so grateful to anyone who wants to share with us. we are so blessed in that way, and i am so grateful. but the other part of me thinks that i would NEVER give anything to anyone else that wasn't in great condition.  maggie has onesies that she wore ONCE, got sweet potatoes all over, and destroyed.  i'd put her in it if i was desperate (before she grew out of it) and we were hanging around the house, but that's the equivalent of putting me in dirty gym shorts because all of my other shorts were in the washing machine.  does that make me a bad person?

...looking obviously pregnant and someone being surprised when i tell them that maggie's getting a sibling.  either i assume that the world looks at my belly way more than it does or else people just think i am enormously fat. i'm not sure which one is worse.

...pretty much everything about the fact that i watched the first seasons of make it or break it and switched at birth in a two week span. 

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