Tuesday, December 1, 2009

there's a silver lining to every really large, ominous, vomit-inducing black cloud. or so i choose to think.

so remember how i was like "oh woe is me, i have a cold and it's SOBAD and i hate being phlegmy and my husband must really love me"?

yeah.  so once upon a time, musicboy made yummy pie. and we decided (mainly, he told me, but i listened, contrary to my better judgment) that it didn't need to be refrigerated.  so for whatever reason, i seemed to be the only person eating pie and i wasn't eating pie in vast amounts, so by sunday night, there was 1/4th of a pie left.

and it looked okay, but not at the same time. but i was all "lalala, it's just the sugar!" and i shoveled a big slice into my big mouth even while some part of me, probably the part of me who has read things on the internet about FOOD BORNE DISEASES and OHNOPUTFOODAWAY! and who lived with my roommate for two years, was like NOOOOO!

and i packed the rest of the pie in musicboy's lunch. for monday.  still unrefrigerated. 


by 12 pm yesterday, i had the beginnings of probably the worst case of food poisoning i've ever had in my life. knowing musicboy was still at work and probably hadn't eaten the dessert we now affectionately call "the death pie" yet, i texted him and told him DON'T EAT PIE. VERY BAD PIE. WILL CAUSE YUCK.

and then i proceeded to yak my guts out in any way possible for the next 6 hours. 

don't you love these little updates that i give you? i knew that you did.

but even though he was somewhat privy to the last vestiges of what must be the most horrible illness ever (at least he was within earshot), he still loved me.  still got me gatorade. still went to the store and got me sprite and white bread (back in the early phases, when i thought i would be eating sometime within a 24 hour span of that moment).  he is a saint.  this much i know for sure.

and then he gave me a blessing, because somewhere in there i came the closest i've ever come to passing out (likely from dehydration), and felt like i needed divine intervention.  and say what you will, it worked.  no symptoms, or at least nothing major, since that blessing.

i totally love Heavenly Father.

just for giggles, i got on the scale last night.

six pounds down.  and there's your silver lining.

you know, other than the fact that a) Heavenly Father loves me; b) my husband is an incredibly wonderful person with a great deal of compassion and c) gatorade was invented to keep me alive. 

this past month has pretty much sucked physically.  i'm ready for a reboot or something. good grief.

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  1. I was way grimacing when I read this.

    also, when I moved into my current place, I was cleaning the fridge out and there was milk that had expired over a month before.


    yay six pounds! I like that when you're throwing up all day you can think "well at least I'm not shoveling cake and pizza into my face all day".

    man, that sounds slightly bulimic.