Friday, December 11, 2009

our goal was to go to sleep...

...but last night instead we spent an hour and a half talking about big things in life and planning. 

whenever musicboy and i feel like life is trying, we reconnect through talking. talking is how we started, you know, and talking is how we remember how much we love each other.  i like that so much about us.

we talked about big things and it wasn't scary.  they weren't bad things, just things that could maybe be scary because they're like big life things.  i love that we can talk about anything and it's okay. 

and we came to the realization that we can do it.

that was cool.  it was one of those times when we realized that, on paper, nothing ever looks like it will work out. but with faith, it will.  that's the way our life is.  on paper, we should be ridiculously poor. in reality, we are doing really well. we have good, solid financial plans for our future and we have plans to manage the financial challenges that will come when i graduate (hello student loans and health insurance).  on paper, life should be really difficult because it's the FIRST YEAR and that's supposed to be really tough with the adjustment. in reality?  we're fine. we've managed the first, insanely busy, wickedly stressful semester with grace. together.

all of these blessings are surely not from us, and we know it.  and i continue to be amazed by how much we are blessed.  today, for example, we got some amazing news about a bonus from musicboy's work.  we thought bonuses had been done away with.  apparently not.  it comes at the perfect time, and it's an amazing blessing. 

all of this to say that i love that we can face the big life things with faith.  we realize that, together, we can face anything but most importantly, together with Heavenly Father, we will truly be blessed.

come what may, we'll love it.

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  1. what do you guys have now for medical insurance? something free? fill me in! :)