Wednesday, December 2, 2009

existential question of the day. sometimes i do that.

will it ever feel less WHOA that i'm a married lady?

a friend (you know who you are!) is getting married in a month. i remember when musicboy first got back, when we were first dating, when she first got engaged (her engagement was a LOT longer than mine!)--and her wedding seemed so far away.  now it's just around the corner, and i'm so excited for her and the amazingness that is newlywed life and i think WHOA.

i'm married.

i spent so long wanting to reach this point in my life, and now i'm here, and it feels so normal and natural and cool and i continue to be in awe of my husband's kindness toward me and how much i love just being around him, not in a googly-eyed lovestruck teenager way, but in a wow, he's such a cool guy and i really just completely LIKE him.

you know, in addition to the loving him too.

sometimes i think about it, as i realize that time keeps passing and soon it will have been six months and then it will have been a year and someday there will be more time that we've been together than we haven't been together and i love that and it floors me.

that time passes and you adapt to it and it takes really random moments to make you realize how MUCH things have changed and how different you are and how much you have changed. 

i'm grateful for those moments, but i guess i wonder. will i ever FEEL different? i'm not really sure that i do.  i feel like teachergirl, the same teachergirl, just...married.  i'm happy, very happy, but i was happy before.  i guess i thought that i would feel so much different as a married person. 

does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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