Tuesday, December 15, 2009

snippets from the email.

"i was out of town for two weeks and forgot to turn my paper in. can i turn it in now?"

(a week and some after it was due)

"what were x and y assignments?" i respond.  "oh will you let me make up y assignment or not?"

(this like four hours before grades are due, and after i've already turned in my grades.)

mama says that the lesson to learn here is that i should invest in the students that are investing in the class and not invest so much worry in the students that don't seem to care.  these are very wise words. i am going to try to incorporate them.

i started by problem solving my way out of some grading issues (corrupted files, files sent in the wrong format even though i've told them 158 times not to, etc.).  then i went christmas shopping with my husband and saw invictus and ate chick-fil-a.  it was awesome fun and i started to feel, ever-so-slowly, the weight of the last few months slipping off of me. 

i'm so glad.

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