Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i know, i know.

i left a poignant ending to my last text-filled post, which really would have been a good way to leave things.  but cue the day before the day before Christmas, when i am responsible for tying up loose ends and getting things done while musicboy works excessively long days so that we can flit out of collegetown for a blissful 9.75 days or something like that, none of which will involve school and all of which involve copious amounts of carbs and yummy food and sparkling lights and grand adventures spent in the warm embrace of family i haven't seen since i was decked out in white and the star of the show.

there's really still so much to do, though, that i'm having trouble downshifting my brain from course prep for next semester (i had hoped to have all of my online course completely planned, including quizzes written and uploaded and discussion questions posted and paper assignments constructed, but it's not all done.  it's done for a month, but not all done.) to the wonder of the season.

i feel like santa must in the final days before his big journey--checking things off of a list as long as my arm and trying to make sure that nothing is forgotten in the melee of travel preparations and shopping and wrapping and cleaning. 

i want to get really excited. 
i want to be seriously pumped at anything remotely related to Christmas. 
i want to get misty at zuzu's petals and tickled at the sight of tinsel.
i want to sit, contented, near my family and think of what's important.

i don't want to be worried about how much i have left to do, how much i have to do when i get back, how to make everyone happy, and what kind of impression i'm making.  i don't want to worry about dishes in the sink and cleaning out the fridge and having enough room in the car and in the suitcase. 

i think i'm getting there, but right now it reminds me of the end of the semester. after i was done, or when i was close to being done, all i could think of was all of the things that i had to worry about.  it took me a couple of days to really chill and enjoy the fact that i had time to do other things. 

i'm sure it will be the same this week.  tomorrow, when we open our stockings before we leave our little house, it will usher in Christmas. i'm sure that i will have things left to do. i'm sure that i will get hot and sweaty and probably a little frustrated trying to get everything into the car and situated.  i'm sure that there will still be things to do. 

but i'm also sure that this, the first Christmas that musicboy and i have EVER spent together, will be a good week.  i am sure that the wonder and magic and awesome will descend upon me, probably as we drive out of collegetown.  Christmas day marks one year with musicboy--it was the best Christmas present that i've ever gotten. 

but Christmas isn't about presents. it's about the presence of people that you love and making them happy.  i'm very much looking forward to making memories that make Christmas amazing.

let's get it started.

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