Monday, November 9, 2009

yeah, i don't know.

i am crazy tired, which makes little sense since i have gotten more sleep lately per night than i had in the entire eight months before our wedding. we average 8 or 8 1/2 a night on good days.  i got almost 7 last night.  i shouldn't be this tired.  whatever. i am. i have been for a few days.  i'll take a nap. all will be well.

went to rural cc for my class this morning, which was planned halfway, and walked in to see the dean of our department sitting in the back for a surprise! observation.  yay.  luckily, i think i did pretty well.  i was happy with it, even though most of it i pulled out of thin air.  i was glad i wore a skirt.

we celebrated 3 months of marriage yesterday. musicboy wore the tie he wore on our wedding day to church, and i wore my wedding pearls.  it was sort of sweet.  then we spoke in church, worked in the nursery, went to a farewell for some missionaries, i went visiting teaching, and then we went to choir where i worked in the nursery again. 

and then some stuff happened which i don't really want to air out to the internets, but involved me getting blamed for something entirely miscommunicated to me and probably handled very badly. how did i react? cried.  cried hard because i was trying hard and nothing makes me more RAWR than when i'm actually doing my level best and someone accuses me of not doing enough. long story short to this non-story: my husband totally validated my reaction and someone called and had my back.  and i'm not at fault. and i have no more responsibility in the matter. it could not have worked out any better at all if i had tried any harder.  i love Heavenly Father.

other than that, life continues. the weeks bleed into each other sometimes, and sometimes they crawl by so slowly.  musicboy left his phone at home so instead of immediately going to sleep for a really desperately needed nap ( eyes hurt with tiredness like i was up all night.  what the heck.), i'll head over there to give him his phone and get a hug in return. 

then i'll come home and plan a lecture that i have to videotape (good grief...ugh.) for big university class department.  i hope it doesn't suck.  but right now? i might not care.

in other news, i fixed up our little planter garden plot outside and it's SUPERCUTE.  i win.

sorry that this is newsy and sort of fractured, but see above comment about SOVERYTIRED. 

the end.

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