Saturday, November 21, 2009


musicboy was sick this week. well, actually, he probably still is since the congestion is still lingering.  musicboy never gets sick--at least not full out sick.  he will start to feel rundown, so i will pump him full of vitamins and he will sleep more and he usually bounces back.

the fact that he did get sick tells you much about how stressful this semester has been for both of us.  also, we eat like crap most days despite my desire not to.  lately i have just not had the energy to do much that's healthy. i do try, though.

this illness began with a sore throat...which i started to get on thursday night.  by yesterday, it was legitimately hurting and by the end of the day, it hurt to talk at times.  this morning, when i woke up, i just wasn't talking much.

musicboy, who had to go to work this morning, said that he wished he didn't have to go to work so that he could take care of me.  instead, he made sure to get me all of the things that i needed, including all of the appropriate vitamins and water.  it was the sweetest thing he could have said to me, i think, in the whole world.

i am grateful for him.  so much more than i realize until moments like this when i realize how much he does and how much he loves.  i am grateful that we have all that we have, that we are blessed with all that we are blessed with.  i am thankful that this sore throat hasn't turned into a hideous cold, and am genuinely hoping that it won't. 

i know it's the season for gratitude, and it seems trite. but i really am blessed and just wanted to say so out loud. 

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