Saturday, November 14, 2009

ho-hum is status quo.

i'm fairly sure that i dreamed of butternut squash last night.

yeah, i don't know.  except that there is a butternut squash above my microwave waiting to be cooked. i think i'll tackle it tomorrow. i have never made it before, but i think it will be yummy.  it sounds like it will be.  we'll see if musicboy likes it as a vegetable rather than as a pie. 

i realize that my blog has been anything but interesting lately, rarely thoughtprovoking, and likely very internal. 

sorry, i guess, except that i'm not sure i mind it so much. it's strange how much changing your blog voice and location changes your output.  butthenagain, so does changing your life.

i'm not sure which is which right now. i do know that i spent four something hours importing and editing wedding pictures, then uploading them and printing them, then uploading them again to facebook.  the printing went well--some of them are quite gorgeous.  some of them didn't turn out very well, so we'll see what my photog can do with that.  but overall, i'm quite pleased. i also finished my thank you notes, with the exception of the few that i don't have addresses for, for which i cannot be held responsible. 

or so goes my story.

but i'm pleased to have that off my back.  i should probably have done something more academic or teacherly in nature, but i didn't feel like it. so it was either watch judge pirro and cruise facebook, hoping something interesting happened, or do something like that.

i think i chose the better part.

i will try to do the same today, although it will likely begin with a bagel and HGTV.  because that's just saturday morning to me.

at least the bed is already made.

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