Friday, November 13, 2009

in the meantime, part deux.

yeah, so remember how i said that i was trying to wait patiently and be all logical?

i'm just going to straight out admit, right here and now on the internet, that i suck at it.

S-U-C-K. megasuckage.

instead of being moderate about it, i have turned it into a bit of a fixation. so.  today? i'm not going to do that.  i think i will go for a walk.  it's beautiful weather.  i think i will go to the grocery store. ooh. maybe i'll walk to the grocery store.  yeah, probably not.  my poor car desperately needs gas, so i think i will do that. i think i will finally finish my thank you notes and send them off. i think i will make the bed and do the dishes and maybe watch a christmas movie, because for some reason it feels like that would be a good thing to do and miracle on 34th street is calling my name. 

i will say, however, that musicboy is excellent at being logical and at reigning me in from the crazy fixation. i want him to be proud of me, so i'm going to suck it up. 

and maybe make chocolate chip cookies. i made banana chocolate chip muffins/bread last night, because i had some bananas that were turning nasty and because i thought they'd taste good, but i'm not so sure that's what i want. i've wanted chocolate chip cookies, however, for like 9 days straight.  maybe i'll just buy them instead? 

anyway.  this is my admission that a) i am not as good as i'd like to be and b) at least i'm still trying. 

happy friday, all. 

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