Thursday, August 12, 2010

wing to wing.

Two such as you with such a master speed, cannot be parted nor be swept away, from one another once you are agreed, that life is only life forevermore, together wing to wing and oar to oar.--Robert Frost

when you get married, you know that you're in it for the good stuff and the easy stuff and the tough stuff and the hard stuff.  you know that, intellectually, and perhaps by the time you say your vows, you've already been down a road that took you over bumpy, jagged patches that taught you that your partner is the person who can pull you through unscathed.

for me, though we certainly faced opposition, i don't think i really knew that. i knew it intellectually, but i don't know that there was a time when i felt so completely vulnerable and scared and musicboy was my physical, emotional, and spiritual rock.

today, then, was an eye-opening experience for me.

nothing hugely dramatic happened, other than a pretty big scare that took the wind right out of me. i don't want to talk about details for many reasons, but i was at one of the lowest points i've been in the time we've been together.  

and he? he just stepped in, found his own peace, and literally held me up and buoyed me up when i needed it. he stayed with me, letting me know that all was well.  only when i found my own footing, metaphorically, did he for a moment express any doubt or fear himself.  

all is well, for now, and i think all will be well.  and though i wish that no such scare had happened, it has been an incredibly valuable day for me.  there are moments when you take the measure of the man you married, and that measure is far beyond what you had ever expected.

today was one of those days for me, and in looking for a way to express it, i happened upon the quote above.  i never want any day to go by when we are not oar to oar, and after today, i know that such a day cannot come.

we are, in the somewhat immortal words of jack johnson, better together.

though i knew it before, i'm glad to know it even more now.  


  1. Love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart...

    love this. love the quote. love you.

  2. Whatever it was sounds awful, but I'm glad your okay, and that you've got your Musicboy.

  3. I love this post, but I'm worried about you, now. Please let me know what's going on, or if I can help. I miss you and can't tell you how glad I am that you found The One.