Sunday, January 1, 2012

oh hi.

hey there.

christmas flew by. let me synopsize it for you.

mad flurry of grading. done before i had to be, which is rare. 
mad flurry of christmas shopping. no christmas debt, thanks to lots of gift card and some serious strategizing. pretty amazing, actually.
mad flurry of traveling. 
bad maggie sleep. 
first maggie steps.
exhausted mama.
awesome husband and grandma to help.
exciting things happening up in here.

what now, you ask? pretty much more of the same. musicboy will be around more this semester, so i'm taking on another class. this is one short of the crazytown 8 class semester of yore, but hopefully, because it's just three different classes, it won't be as nutso as that one was. oh well if it is.

so this week, i reenter the world of "oh yeah. i work for a living." i'm not angry about it. i feel like i got a good break this time, which isn't usually how i feel.  so, i've got a week to plan 7 classes from stem to stern (all of which i have already taught in the form in which i am teaching, so it's tweaking more than anything else).  i can do it.

that's how exciting it gets here in teachergirl world. i read two books and watched the end of friday night lights. hot living, let me tell you. :)

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